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Super Valve Burner Kit for 6kg LPG type two
    Publish time 2019-07-01 14:15    
Super Valve Burner Kit for 6kg LPG



1.Check the presence of an SEFIC seal on your gas cylinder. 

2.Remove the seal from your gas cylinder. This seal ensures that the cylinder has been correctly filled and checked by SEFIC.

3.Place the connecting piece on the clip-on pressure regulator.

4.Fasten the connecting piece to the pressure regulator with a quarter turn to the left.

5.Push the clamping ring onto the gas hose of your appliance.

6.Put the gas hose onto the free end of the connecting piece. Tip: lubricate the connecting piece with a little soap and water so that the hose can be pushed onto the connecting piece more easily.

7.Push the clamping ring to the end of the gas hose. Leave 2 mm of gas hose visible between the clamping ring and the nut on the connecting piece.

8.Tighten the screw with a cross-headed screwdriver.

9.Push down the black handle of the clip-on pressure regulator, and push the pressure regulator onto the gas cylinder. When you release the handle, you will find that the pressure regulator is secured.

10.Slowly turn the black handle to open the gas cylinder. Smear some of the soap onto the connection points. If you cannot see any bubbles, there is no gas escaping.

11.Your cylinder is now closed.

12.Your cylinder is open and your gas appliance is now ready for use.


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